Agonist Parfums

“We would never target a certain demographic. We believe scent has no gender. That’s why we create unisex fragrances that avoid stereotypes.”

-Niclas Lydeen, Co-Founder of Agonist

Agonist is a Swedish niche perfume brand, that aims to create perfumes, that are more than just the mass-produced fragrance. A fundamental part of the Agonist philosophy is the idea behind taking people on a journey, a journey we’re all invited to join. All you have to do to experience the journey, is to close your eyes and allow their perfumes to invoke that involuntary, fleeting memory, that is stored somewhere in the deepest areas of your mind.
Each perfume has that little undefinable thing, that you can’t quite put your finger on, but that reminds you of a distant connection and that is exactly what they are designed for.

Agonist was founded by the couple Niclas Lydeen and Christine Lydeen. Both are extremely creative within their professions. Niclas is an art director with a visual and creative touch that brings their perfumes to life with the beautiful bottles and packaging and Christine is a fashion designer, who brings her creative emotional side to creation process of each perfume.