Atelier Mon

Atelier Mon was founded by mother-daughter duo Monica Sharma and Meher Rohatgi in 2013. Monica’s unique combination of Indian and Swedish roots, allows them to create jewellery with a western inspiration combined with traditional Indian elements.
What sets this chic jewellery brand apart, is its effortless ability to infuse easy wearability into unique statement designs. Each piece in their collection is carefully handcrafted and unique due to the careful selection of semi-precious stones.

From delicate, unassuming baubles to ones that stand out. Each one has been handcrafted and adorned with hand-picked semi-precious stones, perfectly faceted and imperfectly natural, custom cut gemstones. With a goal to have the wearer to make a head-turning impact, each design aims to highlight the utter uniqueness of the natural stones; be it raw or polished, faceted or uncut. The result is a versatile range of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings that are both elegant and yet with a chunky feel.