Bukvy was founded by Joanna Bark and Elena Ekström in 2015. Based in Stockholm, the brand started with and idea of the ultimate bag. One bag in many forms, evolving as life does and suitable for the life of a busy modern woman on the go.
It has taken many hours of construction, discussion, craftsmanship and most importantly testing, to get the final result; the Bo Bardi Bag. The first bag was created in Spain using genuine calf leather and goat suede, and today they produce all their bags either in Spain or Portugal, at carefully chosen studios.
Since the beginning, the brand has always had a sustainable touch. In the beginning the idea was to consume less, therefore they created a bag that could have many functions and crafted with high quality, long-lasting materials, that would allow you to consume less and yet have the same functions.
But this wasn’t enough. Joanna and Elena both felt that an organic option where the product would be 100% sustainable would be the next natural step. Today their bags are produced using organic leather, with chrome free tanning. And instead of just producing unlimited amounts of bags, each colour are only produced in limited amounts that meet the demand for their products.
The collection is small but focused, and made to simplify and organise the daily life of urban women through a combination of functionality and aesthetics.