In 2008 Anna-Lena Wiklund Rippert and Johan Wiklund, decided to fulfil their dream, they founded C/O Gerd. They wanted to make use of Swedish Lapland´s berries and herbs and make luxury cosmetics. They’ve had quite they journey since then. C/O Gerd has taken leaps and bounds, from the small basement to a modern factory facility, and now they are expanding and ten folding the production capacity.

Both Anna-Lena and Johan are therapists within different areas, combined they have plenty of different skills and qualities, such as podiatrist, beauty therapist, masseur, spa therapist, hair dresser and make-up artist. And on top of that Anna-Lena is an Ethnologist and Johan is an accountant. They quickly realised that their backgrounds were unique and since the beginning, they’ve produced products from a therapist’s point of view and functionality.

Today we know that no cream in the world can remove wrinkles. The reason to use products are to moisturise, maintain and protect. It might sound contradictory, but we want to teach our consumers to use less products, and the products that they use should have minimal impact on the environment. Their active ingredients are derived from seed oils, coming from blueberries, lingonberries and cloudberries.

Anna-Lena and Johan were raised with parents who both refined what nature had to give. Meat, berries, fish, herbs and roots, and always with the greatest respect for the nature of northern Sweden. Their mother is called Gerd and they wanted to celebrate her by naming the business C/O Gerd or ‘Care of Gerd’ as they call it.