Isager by Signe Isager

Isager by Signe Isager is a Copenhagen based jewellery brand. Each piece is designed and created by Signe herself and her production is therefore limited. She creates jewellery with a Scandinavian feel, her minimalist expression, the shapes and lines creates a subtle and delicate look.

Signe works with collections in her own way and each small collection has its own source of inspiration for example crystals, the manta ray or simply the beautiful symbolism of a small knot. When she creates a collection the collection continues over time, where she updates, changes or adds pieces that compliment the series in general.

Signe also creates unique customised jewellery out of her workshop in Nørrebro, these pieces are created in collaboration with Signe and the customer in order to create that unique look that the customer wants. And sometimes these unique pieces are scaled down and used as inspiration for her new collections.