Naja Lauf

The Danish designer Naja Lauf, founded her own brand in 200. Naja Lauf wants to create modern women’s wear for the well-informed woman, that wants an easy wardrobe with luxurious fabrics and perfect fits.

Naja carefully chooses all fabrics, buttons and zippers that are used in her collection in order to get the best materials for the specific garments. It’s important for her that the garments are well made down to every detail. Each collection is a representation of what Naja thinks is modern and beautiful and with an informal expression. She is inspired by all impressions and styles around the world, what women wear, how they wear it and when they wear it, in order to create the perfect look for any occasion.

Naja herself only wears her own collections in order to ensure a high quality, the perfect fit and an ease of wearing and combining the garments in each collection.