Rue De Tokyo

“I want the clothes to make you feel good whether you are on a holiday or at work”

-David Andersson Sahlin

Rue De Tokyo is a brand based in Copenhagen, founded by David Andersson Sahlin in 2016. David wanted to combine the aesthetics from two worlds, in order to inspire and create impeccable clothing that feels amazing when worn. In his work and through his own journey David combines the Japanese unrivalled attention to detail and quest for perfection with the French craftsmanship and respect for the arts.

Rue de Tokyo features a natural elegance and absolute timelessness, it’s inspired by David’s life here in Copenhagen, Paris and Florence. Having the utmost respect for the clients, Rue de Tokyo uses natural, organic materials and some of the world’s finest textiles.

“This young brand has been evolving from the start, like everything else nothing is perfect from the beginning and we can only achieve perfection through hard work and practice.”

In every collection from Rue de Tokyo you can follow and experience the journey towards the always unobtainable perfection.  As each collection evolves it always stay true to the core value – that clothing is supposed to make you feel good whether you are on holiday or at work.