The Steamery

The Steamery was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2014 by Martin Lingner and Frej Lewenhaupt. Martin and Frej started the company with a clear ambition to enable people to take better care of their clothes and through that, creating a more sustainable fashion industry. Both having a background in fashion, they have seen the wonders of a steamer up close. Combining their Scandinavian aesthetics with innovative technology they created a steamer that was functional, practical and looked more appealing than a classic steamer. The ultimate goal was to give fashion enthusiasts access to their whole wardrobe, forget about wrinkly clothes and pilled, destroyed knits. Invest in pieces you love and make them last.

Steaming has for a long time been an obvious part of the fashion industry and the first hand choice for fixing pieces at fashion shoots and backstage on fashion shows. It is easy to see why. Steaming is fun, effective and it comes with a number of other benefits.


A steamer works by pressing hot steam through the fabric. The steam causes the textile fibres to swell, soften and regain their natural shape.

A steamed garment will become wrinkle-free and soft, but the steam will also enhance the colour and make the fabric feel thicker. Simply put, your clothes will look smooth and stylish. The steam will also remove some odours, dust, and dirt, not to mention that steam does kill most bacteria that can sit in your clothes so that they feel nice and fresh. Steaming is like airing on fast-forward.
Using a steamer to refresh your clothes after use means less washing and spending less time ironing. Less frequent washing is a win-win situation for you and the environment and less ironing also means that you will avoid straining the surface of your clothing. When we think of clothes as worn out, they are actually most often washed and ironed out. Excessive washing and ironing is the reason why garments lose both shape and colour. Not to mention that washing garments that are not really dirty is a waste of water.

Steaming is a gentle option to ironing. When ironing there’s always a risk of scorching and far from all textiles can be ironed. Ironing on stains means a risk of making them permanent and steaming is just so much easier.