About TTLL

Our Story

I have worked with women’s and men’s wear for many years. But I always felt that something was missing in Copenhagen, though.

I often met women that were looking for a modern and contemporary wardrobe that was also versatile and would carry garments for every occasion. Maybe a dress that is appropriate for the office, yet also for formal occasions with a few minor touches to dress it up. As well as the type of garments that are made to stand this  use, so that they can become part of a long lasting wardrobe.

I also felt that many stores today were very distancing and I wanted to create a store that could be more personal and with a very personal shopping experience.

First thing was to figure out what the store should be called and then working from there. I’ve always known what kind of feel of the store should have, it was simply a matter of finding the right space and the right brands.

I wanted the name to have a personal meaning for me and that it could, in some way, be connected with me as a person. After some brainstorming with a good friend of mine. I came up with the name TTLL that is actually the two T’s and two L’s from my middle name, Rottbøll. I liked the simple and graphic look of the name and the way that it could both work as a logo and as a symbol.

The store contains many personal items of mine, both the classic desk from the 50’s, the lamps that I remember from when I was a child when they used to decorate my parents’ and grand parents’ home, along with many other of my personal items. Since the store is my passion, I tend to spend a lot of time at the store and therefore I like my surroundings to be pleasant and have that homely feel.

I opened the store on the 1st of August 2012 and have since then seen my dream come true and it’s all because of you. So thank you for making my dream come true.

// Thomas Rottbøll Andersen

The Concept

The aim is to provide the modern woman with a contemporary wardrobe full of beautiful garments of a high quality that can last for several seasons – in terms of style as well as quality. We represent up and coming Scandinavian designers, that create simple and classic garments and jewelry but always with a small twist, either in the choice of fabric or in the construction of the garment. I love the unique and individual style that compliments the wearer and enhances her individuality. All garments are carefully hand picked by Thomas Rottbøll Andersen, the founder and owner of TTLL.

TTLL is a store with a concept that is always evolving in sense of style and fashion, in the same way that my own sense of style and my aesthetics evolve over time, but I always make sure that every garment every season can be combined with previous seasons and future seasons.

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