Copenhagen City Guide

Curated by Thomas Rottbøll Andersen, owner of TTLL

I have created a concise city guide for Copenhagen, filled with all my favourite spots. So whether you are visiting for the first time, a regular traveller looking for something new or a local and need some inspiration, then this guide is from me to you and I truly hope that you will enjoy it and find something exciting.



Maillard & Andersen – I think it’s probably the best croissants in Copenhagen and great local spot to have breakfast, coffee or just grab your croissant as take away.

Mirabelle – It’s a beautiful café, bakery and a great place to have lunch. The breakfast is simple, the bread is amazing and the coffee is good.

Atelier September – Simple and nice and with a great atmosphere and it’s close to the store, so either before or after it’s a great place to go.

Winterspring – Sometimes when you are on vacation you just have go overboard and this is one of those places. Don’t look at the prices and just enjoy the perfect breakfast.


Mirabelle – A great place to enjoy a good Italian style lunch, the food is simple and with great flavours. I do love bread and their bread is amazing so definitely try it on the side.

Atelier September – Simple, nothing to complicated and just a quick light lunch, but the atmosphere is nice.

Restaurant Palægade – Traditional Danish Smørrebrød in a slightly updated version, delicious food and great service. But the best thing, is that it’s right across the street from the store.

Winterspring – The same goes for lunch at this place. Just enjoy, don’t look the prices and do go ahead and share the food, because you want to taste everything.


Bæst – If you like Mirabelle, then you are going to love Bæst. This Italian style restaurant serves amazing honest food. Skip the pizza unless it’s part of the menu and just go all in and take the 7-course dinner.

Höst – It’s still one of my favourite places, the food is delicious and inexpensive, go for the full menu and the wine menu and just enjoy it.

Manfreds – I love tartar and their tartar is amazing and don’t save money on the wine, try as much as possible. And if you want to go up a level then book a table at Relæ their sister restaurant across the street, but I do tend to prefer Manfreds due to slightly more casual atmosphere.

Relæ – No bullshit food, great produce and a great experience. So if you feel that some restaurants might go a little over the top, when it comes to the new nordic kitchen then Relæ is the place to go.

Wine & Cocktails


20a – You don’t have to know everything anything about wine, as long as you have just a slight idea about what you like, then this is the place to go. The atmosphere is relaxed and the wine list is big but not over the top. And if in doubt let the staff guide you. If you would like, it’s also a great place to just get the dish of the day – simple, french and slightly heavy.

Pompette – A nice wine bar, with a nice selection and you can choose from their wine cellar or just go for a glass of white, orange or red and no matter what wine they might be serving it’s going to be delicious.

Sankt Annæ 15 – Same concept as 20a just in a different part of town, try the different wines and get the assistance you need from the staff. If you get hungry you can enjoy some simple good food.


Lidkoeb – A huge cocktail bar, get delicious drinks and explore their conceptual interior. I do recommend that you move around during the evening to enjoy the different themed bars and explore their great selection of cocktails and liquor.

Atze Peng – A great cocktail bar, with a great atmosphere. It’s nothing fancy, but who says you can’t just go out and enjoy a nice cocktail.

Ruby – A great cocktail bar if you are going out and you want that kind of vibe. But make sure to put on your fierce outfit, it just makes it more fun.

Brønnum – Located at Kongens Nytorv, this cocktail bar serves great classic cocktails. It’s a great place to go before dinner for something to start on, or after dinner for a night cap.

What to do:


Louisiana – Located in Humlebæk north of Copenhagen, Louisiana is the definitely worth a visit. This beautiful modern art museum does have quite an extensive collection and they tend to be able to bring in some of the larger exhibitions. Just the building it self is worth a visit and do make sure to take a walk in the park.

Kunsthal Charlottenborg – Located right around the corner from our store, this beautiful building serves up some wonderful exhibitions with contemporary artists. And the exhibitions are quite manageable and doesn’t require more than an hour of your attention.

Cisternerne – Located in Frederiksberg, the space is quite the thing to experience. The exhibition space is set under ground in what used to be an old water reservoir for Copenhagen, but it has been drained almost of water and is now used as an exhibition hall. Once a year the museum invites different artists to do different installations in the big space, each one more spectacular than the next.


Yume – Located in the new up & coming area of Nordhavn, Yume is your one-stop store for beautiful sustainable design for you and your home. The store features a beautiful mix of wonderful and unique products. The store is curated by Anja & Marie, the owners and founders of the store.

Paustian – Located in what used to be the old post office in Copenhagen, this beautiful store is worth a visit. Not only do they offer a huge selection of Scandinavian furniture, home accessories but also other great items that you probably didn’t know that you desired.

Holly Golightly – Located in the city center, not far from the TTLL Store, this beautiful store offers a selection of international brands, that are perfectly curated with that special Copenhagen touch.

The Sights of the City

The Harbour – The history of Copenhagen, like so many other cities around the world, was built up around its harbour. And even though the harbour isn’t used for trade any more, it has become even more important today with its cultural offerings and social activities. When you walk along the harbour, starting from the little mermaid and all the way in to the southern part, you will experience astonishing buildings and landmarks that not only shows off the old and the new, but also takes you on a trip through the history and development of Copenhagen. And during the summer, the harbour will be buzzing with people that are bathing in the harbour or just hanging out.

The Botanical Garden – The Botanical Garden in Copenhagen, which is part of the university of Copenhagen, is one of the most serene parks in the city. Even though the park is located in the centre of the city it is still calm and not that crowded. It’s the perfect place to hang out in during the summer and during the winter time the beautiful green houses is the best place to get warm.