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Deep Dive

As a new season approaches it’s important to take a focused look at basics. Perhaps some are worn out and need to be replaced or updated, or perhaps you’re missing something special in your basics collection.

It’s always important to stay on top of your basics as they are the backbone of any wardrobe. It’s easy for those favourite items in your wardrobe to become washed out, stained or perhaps the fit or look just feels a little outdated. The basics in your wardrobe are not to be underestimated – they are the things that make everything else work.

A basic wardrobe is different for everyone. For some, those ten favourite dresses are all they need and for others it’s a combination of items – the perfect white t-shirt, the perfect jacket and so on. No matter what your basics look like, it’s important to identify why they are your basics. What do you like about them? Is it the fabric, the fit, the colour, the feel or something else? The more specific you are, the easier it will be in the long run to just add a new item or replace an old one.

Each brand that I work with has their own concept of basics, some concepts are for me more thrilling than others. Therefore, when I select the basics for the store, I always have three things in mind; are the garments long lasting both in design and quality, how easy is the item to combine with other items and lastly how easy is the garment to care for? All the basics that can be found at the TTLL Store deliver on each of these points. Not only do all the basics that you can find at the TTLL store deliver on all of these points, but I need to feel that they are so much more than basics.

One of the most important things when shopping basics is that basics don’t have to be boring, they can be thrilling items that stand out, but that makes everything else work together. Therefore, it is important for you to consider what are great basics to you? What need do your basics need to fulfill? Sometimes it’s just a matter of looking at your wardrobe and finding those key pieces that are simply your go to garments. Those items that you simply just put on without even thinking about it, those are your basics. Those are the things that you feel comfortable in and that you enjoy wearing.

So as a new season approaches here are my favourite ten items that are an absolute must-have in any wardrobe.

//Thomas Rottbøll Andersen

Marville Road – Cornelia Long Sleeved Blazer

10 Basics must-haves

Rodebjer – Xilla Silk Shirt available in Off White and Black

Rodebjer – Hall Jeans available in Vintage Blue and Black

Marville Road – Elena Wrap Blazer available in Midnight Blue and Black

Marville Road – Mockingbird Trousers available in Midnight Blue and Black

Rodebjer – Viktoria Jeans available in Vintage Blue and Black

Oh Simple – Silk Cashmere SS available in Black, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Ivory, Sky Blue, Sandstone and Camel

Marville Road – Efva Dress available in Midnight Blue and Black

Nynne – Diana Dress available in Black, Beige and seasonal colours and fabrics

Sicels – Small Scarf available in Bianca e Nera, Caramello, Crema and Lilla

Marville Road – Alma Dress available in Midnight Blue and Black