Welcome to my journal

A window into the life behind the scenes or in my case the store front. Those of you that have met me in person will already know quite a lot about me, my store and what inspires me. This journal will not replace the interaction that we have at the store, but I hope that it will be a great addition.

In this journal I will let you in behind the scenes of TTLL. I will also share with you my knowledge about fashion, what inspires me, what’s happening at the store, what excites me at the moment, my experiences, my thoughts on the fashion industry – and everything else that might be relevant for you to read.

So who am I and why should you bother reading my journal? My name is Thomas Rottbøll Andersen and I own the TTLL Store located in the center of Copenhagen. I have been working with Scandinavian fashion for many years, and in 2012 I decided to open my own store. I wanted to open a store that was more personal and where you do not just buy clothing, but where we get to know each other and build a relation. So that over time when you enter the store or shop online it feels like you are going shopping with a friend and you always get an honest opinion and great guidance.

Every brand and every garment that you find at the store has a story, serves a purpose and has been carefully chosen for its quality and design.

I hope that you will keep coming back not only to our store but also to my journal, so whenever you need a little break you know where you can find something interesting to read.