Carin Rodebjer

A great designer and a true source of inspiration.

Carin Rodebjer is a Swedish designer who is behind the brand Rodebjer. She has always been a great source of inspiration to me. She is a woman with a clear vision and a lot of ambition. She founded her brand 21 years ago and since then she has been able to stay relevant and modern and she has managed to grow her company so that its products are now being sold in more than 60 countries.

Rodebjer based her company on idea of the Rodebjer Woman – A woman that embodies modern femininity and feminism, a woman that dares to walk her own path, creating her own momentum in life who dares to stand up for herself and her beliefs. That woman could just as well be Carin Rodebjer herself.

What inspires me is not only her story, it’s so much more. It’s her journey from being a young stylist in New York to creating an international fashion brand with a clear point of view. Carin is often inspired by strong women that dare to go their own way and this inspiration is often clearly visible in her collection, almost as a sort of tribute to not just that woman but to all women. Her inspiration through time has included women such as Lisbeth and Gocken Jobs, Masha Reva, Isabella Rossellini and many more. 

Rodebjer has always had a clear signature in her design and when you look at the collections over the years, you are almost tempted to say that her style is a beautiful combination of bohemian minimalism and mother earth. The minimalism coming from her Scandinavian roots and the Scandinavian aesthetics she grew up with combined with craftsmanship in Gotland, Sweden, and mother earth, a symbol of femininity, life, a groundedness that can only be obtained when you are feeling good about yourself and your body and feeling comfortable in your own skin – this is the essence of Rodebjer.